Terms of Use

Autonomous nonprofit organization "Scientific and industrial laboratory "Sensor technology for deafblind", (hereinafter, "Laboratory Sensor-Tech", or the "Company"), is the legal entity that owns the SeeMyWorld brand (hereinafter, "SMW"), only responsible for the management, maintenance and operation of the mobile application "SeeMyWorld Pro", hereinafter simply called "app", "apps", "mobile application", "mobile applications", "product".

This document defines the use of the service and the operation of these technology platforms within executable applications on compatible mobile devices (devices that can support the operation of the software). In these Terms of Use will be used phrases such as "SeeMyWorld Pro", "The App", "The Apps", "The Mobile Application", "The Mobile Applications"; all these will refer to the service provided by SeeMyWorld Pro to access all the features and functionalities, content and associated software.

The Company reserves the right to change, amend, supplement or suspend all or part of mobile applications on an occasional basis. Likewise, the Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, with immediate effect from the moment they are updated. The terms "User" and "Users" refer to any individual or entity that uses, accesses, downloads, installs, obtains or provides information to and from these mobile applications.


The Company will provide a technical support service according to the client's requirements.


Any kind of information or data (text, information, data, photographs, graphics, links (URL), video, HTML code, computer software, source code and object code, audio and video samples, trademarks and logos, and similar), hereinafter the "Content"; that appear on our website, website optimized for mobile devices, mobile device services or mobile device applications (collectively "mobile applications") belong to Laboratory Sensor-Tech, its affiliated companies or licensees; unless it is expressly specified in any way.

Users (as defined in this document) can only use the Content on a mobile device (iOS operating system) only for personal, internal and non-commercial purposes. No other use of the Content, including, among others, any kind of re-edition, is permitted without prior written authorization granted by the Company. Any User who has provenly violated the intellectual property of a third party through the retransmission or publication of material related to these mobile applications that infringe the copyright or other legal rights of that third party will be excluded from these mobile applications and submitted to the corresponding legal actions.

The trademarks used in these mobile applications are property of Laboratory Sensor-Tech or, in a few cases, the use of other brands or logos, will have their respective reference to their owner and do not constitute an approval of any kind or further commitment with these manufacturers, they only express the compatibility of mobile applications with accessories manufactured by third parties.

In addition to the rights of non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, personal and limited use of the Users as specified herein, no right is granted to Users to access all of the Content or any portion, no matter how it appears, through its inclusion in these mobile applications or through access to it by the user. A User can not:

– Segregate, separate, isolate, no individual content or component of mobile applications for any other use than indicated in relation to mobile applications.
– Use and incorporate any content portion to the User's own programs or collect any portion in combination with the User's own programs and / or applications and other similar tools.
– Transfer part or all of the content to be used by another service.
– Sell, lease, assign, lend, distribute, publicly communicate, transform or sublicense mobile applications or grant in any way any right to mobile applications absolutely or partially, to any natural or legal person, public or private organization, or establishment of any kind.
– Laboratory Sensor-Tech will be responsible for all maintenance or technical support of mobile applications; No Third Party (as defined in this document) will be responsible for providing maintenance services or technical support for mobile applications.


It is understood and established that when Users access, use, download, install, obtain or provide information to and from these mobile applications, they will be deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions (including our Privacy Policy), which is incorporated herein by virtue of this reference. Keep in mind that all references to the "website" in our Privacy Policy are also considered valid for these mobile applications.

Users must suspend the use of these mobile applications immediately if they do not agree or do not accept all these Terms and Conditions. The Company reserves the right to eliminate or prohibit any User from using these mobile applications at their exclusive discretion.


The Company may, in its exclusive discretion, provide access to Users to restricted portions of these mobile applications, including, among others, one or more User accounts where specific assistive technology information and services can be provided and/or obtained for individuals with hearing and/or visual impairment.

Users entering those accounts may be subject to additional Terms and Conditions as specified in relation to the services provided. Users with service accounts are the only and exclusive responsible for preserving the confidentiality of any information regarding access credentials, the User's account information and all actions or omissions related to the account


The download and use of the apps attributes the condition of User of the apps (hereinafter, the "User") and implies full acceptance, without reservations and in the total way of these terms and conditions of use (hereinafter, the "General Conditions"). Therefore, Laboratory Sensor-Tech recommends to Users read these General Conditions carefully before using the Apps.

These General Conditions regulate together with the Privacy Policy the use of the Apps by the User and the relationship between the User and Laboratory Sensor-Tech. The General Conditions have been written in accordance with the provisions of current regulations applicable in the field of Internet, electronic commerce and data protection, among others.


The download of the Apps can be free or have a cost and can be done through the Apple Store. To access and use the Apps, it may be necessary for the User to register, depending on the characteristics and the requirements of each one.

When downloading the Apps, the User declares that they are of legal age and have the necessary legal capacity to accept these General Conditions. If User is a minor, must have the approval of parents and / or legal representative to make this download.


The User declares to use the Apps and their contents in accordance with these General Conditions, good faith and applicable legislation.

The User will be exclusive responsible to Laboratory Sensor-Tech and / or third parties for the use of the Apps and / or its contents. Under no circumstances and under any circumstances will Laboratory Sensor-Tech assume any responsibility derived from the use of the Apps made by the User, especially in cases where such use is made in breach of the provisions of these General Conditions and / or the applicable regulations.

It is also expressly prohibited any fraudulent use abusive, illegal or against to the good faith of the Apps and / or its contents. Consequently, and without limitation, the User will not be able to:

– Reproduce, copy, plagiarize, distribute, publicly communicate, transform or modify the Apps or any of its contents, including these General Conditions, regardless of the purpose of such use, without prior written authorization from Laboratory Sensor-Tech.
– Do any type of illicit, fraudulent activity, contrary to these Conditions, current legislation and / or good faith or that obstructs and / or hinders the correct use of the Apps or their contents.
– Link or reproduce the Apps or their contents from websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or other social networks that are contrary to the law, offensive or assault against human dignity, fundamental human rights or the Company itself, and are susceptible of being considered criminal.
– Introduce and / or disseminate in the Apps any racist, xenophobic, pornographic content or that suppose apology of terrorism, and any other activity or activities that attempt against the human rights and the dignity of the people.


To use SeeMyWorld Pro it is not strictly necessary to have a permanent connection to the Internet, however, some functions and updates of the system can require an Internet connection. You must have a mobile device that can support the application and has the following minimum operating systems:

– iOS from version 11.3.

The Mobile Application was created for the most recent version mobile operating systems available in the market, compatibility issues may appear when using previous versions, as explained in this section, the basic system is iOS from version 11.3. In lower operating systems, Laboratory Sensor-Tech alerts lower performance and does not ensure minimum compatibility for SeeMyWorld Pro operation, even the apps stores may impose installation restrictions to mobile device.


SeeMyWorld Pro could collect money through payment or recurrent subscriptions in the app stores for access to the application and its benefits.


Operators of mobile telephony and data services of Users, manufacturers and sellers of mobile devices in which Users download, install, use or access mobile applications, the creator of the operating system for Users' mobile devices and the operator of any application store or similar services through which users obtain the mobile applications, if any, (collectively, the "Third Parties"): are not part of these Terms and Conditions and are not owners or responsible for the mobile applications. Third Parties do not provide any guarantee in relation to mobile applications. They are not responsible for maintenance or other technical support services for mobile applications and will not be liable for any other claims, losses, imputation of liabilities, damages, costs or expenses associated with mobile applications.

Users acknowledge and agree that the Third Parties and their subsidiary companies are third-party beneficiaries of these Terms and Conditions and that they have the right (and will be assumed to have accepted such right) to execute these Terms and Conditions in front of users as third-party beneficiaries.


The Company may request Users to update their version of mobile applications at any time. Although all efforts will be made to preserve the configurations and personal preferences of the Users, there will still be the possibility that they will be lost.


When attempting to perform an operation on mobile applications, the wireless connection may be interrupted or a feature may be disabled. In the event that this occurs, Users must verify the status of their mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

The company is not responsible for the mobile applications processes that explicitly require access to the Internet, and partially or fully do not have enough coverage and speed of wireless or Wi-Fi network, parameters that are subject to other terms and conditions of use and may change because of providers and geographic location. The Company is not responsible for the limitations and/or failures in the operation of any wireless or Wi-Fi service used to access these mobile applications or for the security of wireless or Wi-Fi services. Likewise, the Company is not responsible for charges or fees for the use of data networks, which are the exclusive responsibility of the User.


The Users will release all liability and exempt the Exempt Parties from any claim, civil liability, legal cause, complaint or damages (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) that appear as a consequence of the use that Users make of mobile applications (including our products, services and Content), including, among others, the incorrect information, content or delivery of mobile applications, or of products and services of the Company or third parties. Laboratory Sensor-Tech reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to exoneration by Users, but doing so does not exempt Users from their exemption obligations.


If any clause of these Terms and Conditions should be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remaining clauses will (in all cases) retain their full validity and the void, invalid or unenforceable clause will be considered as modified, so that it is valid and applicable up to the maximum extent allowed by the law.


The exempt parts makes no representations regarding the functionality and use of the content of these mobile applications. The use and navigation that the user makes with these mobile applications is at the exclusive risk of the user. All information contained in these mobile applications is provided on an "as is" and "as available", without any advice or warranties, either express or implied. Users should not assume that the information included in these mobile applications is constantly updated nor that includes recent information.

These mobile applications may stop working, being interrupted or bad functioning. The exempt parts have no responsibility for such operation, interruption or undue operation. Users are warned that the information contained here could include technical errors, inaccuracies, development errors, and omissions. The user assumes all risks linked to the use of these mobile applications, and agrees that the company disclaims all warranties linked to the use of the mobile applications by the user.

Without prejudice to any other clause of these terms and conditions, the company disclaims all manifestation or warranty, either express or implied, of any kind in relation to these mobile applications (including our products, services and content of the website) including, among others, the warranties of availability for a particular purpose, pacific enjoyment, title, non-violation of third party rights and precision. No oral or written information or advice given by us or our authorized representatives will create a warranty or in any way increase the reaching of our obligations as set forth in these terms and conditions.


Users who have any questions or doubts about the Terms and Conditions for Mobile Applications developed by the SMW brand can get in touch by writing to the following email: g.develop@sensor-tech.ru